Artist Jennifer Esperanza is a cultural, storytelling photographer, blogger, art dealer and a promoter of other artists. 

She lives in Marfa, Texas.

Esperanza worked for over 20 years photographing artists, musicians, creatives, her life and community when she was based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Esperanza's work is known for it's intimacy and beauty.

She has documented Art Basel in Miami, the Asian Tsunami, the aftermath of Katrina, Occupy Oakland and the living culture in many places like Oaxaca, Mexico.

Four years ago she fell in love with visionary artist Richard Kurtz.

Soon after they met they traveled together for the first time, to Ojai, California where Kurtz was having an art show. 

She has documented Richard's work in process in the studio, promoted him on social media and now sells his work.

The two have traveled together in Mexico, Spain, Morocco, Miami, Cuba, London and many other places.

Esperanza & Kurtz now live in Marfa,Texas, where Kurtz has a 3 room studio in an old church downtown.

Jennifer Esperanza is the mother of filmmaker, Emily Esperanza and actor Gabriel Kessler. 

She is a lover of the ocean and believes in kindness. • • 505 204 5729 






Emily Esperanza & Gabe Kessler

Emily Esperanza & Gabe Kessler

Jennifer Esperanza & Richard Kurtz

Jennifer Esperanza & Richard Kurtz